Little Sisters of the Poor


A visit to the home of Little Sisters of the Poor in Billère

Last Sunday 10 members of the choir and 8 other members of the congregation visited the house of the 'Little Sisters of the Poor' in Billere.  The visit started with a medley of songs performed by the choir on the stage of their small theatre.  This was followed by a tour of the lovely house.  Much love has been, and still is lavished on the house and its residents, with every mod. con. available to them.  We were very impressed with the gentleness and affection of the Sisters to their residents, some of whom will spend the rest of their lives there. We were pleased to meet Mme Mora who will be soon be an incredible 103 years old, Mme de Nays who showed us her very attractive bedroom decorated for her by her nieces, Martine Peterken who let us visit her spacious and beautifully decorated bedsit and Mme Bat who sang for us.

After the tour with Sister Agnes we gathered in the dining room for afternoon tea.  The cakes we had brought were very much appreciated.

Take a look at the Sisters' website to see in more detail the work they do.