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Prayers for the World

Paper people joined together.

Real people torn apart.

May these children know a better world...

Spirit of the Living God, come afresh onto your Church.
Help your people to restore broken relationships.

Give us patience to break down the barriers that divide,

Give us the ability to discern personal prejudice and the courage to overcome fear.

Help us your servants to work together in love for one another,

engaging with your world in works of mission,

carrying in word and action the Good News of your Son Jesus Christ to your world, 

sharing your love and helping others,

so that your kingdom may be established on earth.
For Jesus’ sake.        Amen


Paris 13 November 2015
Charlie Hebdo 7 January 2016
Brussels 22 March 2016
Paris 14 June 2016
Nice 14 July 2016
Baveria 18 July 2016
Ansbach 25 July 2016
St Etienne du Rouvray  26 July 2016
Louvre 3 February 2017
Westminster Bridge London 22 March 2017
Champs Elysées 20 Apri 2017
Manchester Arena 22 May 2017
London Bridge 3 June 2017
Notre Dame Paris 6 June  2017 
Barcelona 17 August 2017
Trèbes 23 March 2018
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing and their families
John and John's pilgrimage to St Jacques de CompostelleEl_Camino.htmlEl_Camino.htmlshapeimage_46_link_0

Licensing of Canon Robert  click here for more photos

Everyone on our mailing list heard that the boiler needed to be replaced.

The work has now  been completed and the boiler is fully functioning!

Our Appeal has raised 18 500€, just short of our target. For those who haven’t yet donated, could we urge you to help us make up the shortfall if you can, either by cheque to ‘Eglise Saint-André de Pau’ or to  

IBAN: FR76 16906 03026 5108139606 37l.

Recorded donations will be eligible for French tax credit. .


World Day of Prayer 2018

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at Pallanne with the service led by the Venerable Meurig Williams Archdeacon of France