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Prayers for the World

Paper people joined together.

Real people torn apart.

May these children know a better world...

...to St Andrew's Church in Pau in South West France.

This Anglican Church has been established in Pau since 1888 and today provides a place for worship for both Anglicans and Christians from other denominations who wish to attend services in English.

We are a mixed community of people from different countries. Some of our members are working in Pau and have young families, some are retired and live in Pau and in the regions around Pau.

The celebration of the Eucharist each Sunday at 10.45 is the centre of Chaplaincy life. Coffee is served after the service, which provides an opportunity for people to meet and talk. Those attending the Eucharist have the opportunity also to go to a local hotel  for lunch together if they wish. Please look at the website for information on the Sunday Club for Children, the monthly All Age Family Eucharist and the other activities which are part of the life of this Chaplaincy.

If you are new to the area, or visiting on holiday, you will find a warm welcome when you come to join us for worship on Sundays at St Andrew's Church, Pau.

The Churchwardens

(The Chaplaincy is currently in vacancy)

Spirit of the Living God, come afresh onto your Church.
Help your people to restore broken relationships.

Give us patience to break down the barriers that divide,

Give us the ability to discern personal prejudice and the courage to overcome fear.

Help us your servants to work together in love for one another,

engaging with your world in works of mission,

carrying in word and action the Good News of your Son Jesus Christ to your world, 

sharing your love and helping others,

so that your kingdom may be established on earth.
For Jesus’ sake.        Amen



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Charlie Hebdo 7 January 2016
Paris 13 November 2015
Brussels 22 March 2016
Paris 14 June 2016
Nice 14 July 2016
Baveria 18 July 2016
Ansbach 25 July 2016
St Etienne du Rouvray  26 July 2016
Louvre 3 February 2017
Westminster Bridge London 22 March 2017
Champs Elysées 20 Apri 2017
Manchester Arena 22 May 2017
London Bridge 3 June 2017
Notre Dame Paris 6 June  2017
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing and their families

(CNS photo/Andrew Yates, Reuters)

Televised church service scroll down

Visit by the Archdeacon of FranceVisit_by_Archdeacon_of_France.htmlVisit_by_Archdeacon_of_France.htmlshapeimage_53_link_0
Shots of the shoot!

As part of a documentary in the series Des Racines et Des Ailes, to be shown later in the year,  a team from FRANCE 3 came and filmed various sequences during our serivce on 2 July.

This is an early invitation to our forthcoming soirée at the Villa Hutton. The event is organized by FOSTA (Friends of St Andrew's) and as usual all proceeds will be used for the conservation and improvement of the church building. Our hosts are David Blackburn and Fernand Durand.

A film crew from Des Racines et des Ailes (France 3) will be there to continue their preparation of a programme devoted to the villas created by the English-speaking community in Pau during the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

We hope that you will be able to join us to enjoy a special evening and raise money for the upkeep of St Andrew’s. Please contact Liz Rushton for further details and reservations:


 06 85 78 24 82