P2P Cycle Challenge

.A note from Charles...
..On Saturday 5th October  four cyclists took up the challenge of cycling almost 75 kilometres of very hilly terrain from St Andrew’s Church to the home of John and Joy Errey in Pallanne. The idea was to arrive in time for the Harvest lunch which the Errey’s were hosting. The four cyclists were Trevor Court, Charles Getliffe, Emma Getliffe and Ian Purslow. Our support crew was Anthony Barlow (Emma’s cousin) who cheered us on and encouraged us throughout the ride.
We were seen off from Pau at 7am by Ian, Denise and Sue (Ian Purslow’s wife) and arrived at the Errey’s just after 12 noon to a wonderful reception.

I was extremely impressed by the P2P team (as they have become known) not least because Trevor is closer in age to 70 than 60, Emma was in hospital for 3 months last year with a fractured pelvis and Ian raised over 400 euros in sponsorship, giving a grand total of 1,125€ in all. 

Pau to Pallanne 5th October 2013.... Charles and Emma Getliffe together with Trevor Court and Ian Purslow made a tremendous effort and successfully completed the sponsored P2PCC bike ride.    Congratulations to them all!