Listening to God


11 of us from St Andrew's, Hères and Mazères, Condom and Loches met at the home of John and Joy in Pallanne on  Saturday 7th May for a workshop given by the Reverend Elaine Labourel on "Listening to God". Through the simplicity with which we were led along the path of discovery and the exercises that helped us understand how to create a listening attitude,  the notion of having a real encounter and dialogue with God became accessible. Thanks to John and Joy for hosting this event and for their welcome.

Here is an extract from the introduction to Elaine's talk:

Christ continually calls to us. It can be through awakening events like fire in a mountain bush, a pillar of cloud , a potter at his wheel. In moments like these God beckons us to a new dimension of closeness with him. Sometimes he causes the experiences but more often he uses them as a door on which to knock. God desires to transform certain experiences into awakening events. They can be common experiences but if we let them, we may wake up to the fact that Emmanuel – God with us –is still God’s name and he is here and now. Every event carries the hidden possibility of a word coming from God. Something happens to us that seems quite ordinary and extraordinarily can make us think of God.

It is important to say that there are distinct experiences that seem to evolve into real life-changing spiritual awakenings. Advent moments when God comes and knocks and the event gives rise to anew way of being, to a new journey of love and intimacy with him. Sometimes they are wonderfully pleasant moments, sometimes they can be painful.

We all have these precipitating events in our lives that launch us into wholly unforeseen newness.

God also comes in ordinary moments of time and quietly our spiritual life begins to deepen, grow and resonate anew.

Every awakening to God begins with a knock, which is the calling voice of God.

We can’t awaken ourselves –only God can do that.

How can we hear him?