Give a Thought to Planned Giving


Planned Giving for the St Andrew's  Chaplaincy

"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery." (Mr Micawber, David Copperfield)

They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share.   (Timothy 6:18)


Dear Friends,

It is a while since we last asked ourselves how we support the work and the buildings of the Pau Chaplaincy. Each Sunday the church is clean, the lights are on, the candles lit, the church is warm and the roof no longer leaks; the Chaplain celebrates the Eucharist, prays for us and visits us, even those of us who live as far away as Condom. It is easy to forget that all this costs money, first of all the stipend and social charges of the chaplain. We are entirely self-funding; there is no help from the Diocese, indeed, we have to pay dues to it.

But the reality is that we are now a Micawber family. Some months we have a little left over and we are happy. Other months we are in debt and only a transfer from our diminishing capital saves us from misery.

One problem is that we never know how much income to expect, so that necessary projects like a new sound system and routine maintenance are endlessly put off while we tackle the latest broken window or dangerously overhanging tree.

Many of us have for a while been giving to the Chaplaincy by Planned Giving, either in the UK or here in France. But  a substantial amount of our income still comes from what is put in the plate on Sundays.

Apart from being unpredictable in quantity, notes or coins in the plate do not attract tax relief and so the Chaplaincy loses out on a substantial extra amount of  money. Whether you pay tax in France or the UK, planning your giving and signing a couple of simple forms could hugely increase our income. Examples of how this works are given below...

We understand that everyone has different financial circumstances and constraints, but all of us for whom St Andrew's is important need to think about how we can support the Chaplaincy and its work. We need to do this because we are a Christian community, asked to share what God has given us for the benefit of that community and those around us. We need to do it because otherwise we have to imagine Pau without St Andrew's Church and its chaplain; we really are that vulnerable.

Most of us are used to the idea that if we belong to a sports club or social club, we have to pay a subscription. The church doesn't work like that, but we do need to be realistic about the costs our membership involves.  And for those who can afford it, that includes giving enough to support those of our members who can't. As a guide, most parishes and chaplaincies agree that a target is between 15€ and 20€ per person per week.

So, if you are already involved in Planned Giving, thank you for leading the way; but please review what you give and ensure that it is tax efficient for you and for the Chaplaincy.

If you are not yet involved in the scheme, please give the idea some thought. What you can afford to give is between you and God; that you give it regularly and in a tax efficient way is common sense and could make all the difference to St Andrew's in the coming months and years.

With all good wishes,

John Arthur (Churchwarden)

John Carter (Treasurer)

If you are a French Tax payer … are entitled to a substantial tax reduction on any charitable gift you make. But it must be in a form – cheque or virement - in which the charity's Treasurer can record the amount and issue you a receipt by the end of the year.

By putting 10€ in the plate each week, the chaplaincy gets – 520€ (if you never miss a Sunday!)

But this is what happens if you give regularly by virement or cheque and claim on your tax return at the end of the year:

You give                


Tax reduction (66%)


Actual cost to you 


Now if you are prepared to spend 520€, you could give the Chaplaincy over 1 500€ up front and get 1 000€ back at the end of the tax year, like this:

You give              

1 529€

  Tax reduction (66%)                  

1 009€

Actual cost to you


By setting up a virement mensuel, or giving regularly by French cheque, the Chaplaincy could get 1 529€ a year from you instead of 520€ at no extra cost to you. In effect you have lent the Chaplaincy 1 000€ by stages, and the French government pays you back at the end of the year.

To calculate your own gift, do this sum, which is how the example above was done:

Total after tax reduction you wish to give (eg 520€) x 66


Then add the result of this sum to your original total to find out what you should give up front (1009€ + 520€ = 1 529€)

or use the easy calculator on this site:

The more you give, the more you get back, up to a limit of 20 % of your net taxable income a year.

If you are a UK Tax Payer...

...If you do not pay French tax, or enough French tax to cover the reduction, you can still give efficiently through your UK account provided you fill in a Gift Aid Declaration.

In this case you decide how much you really want to give, preferably by UK Standing Order, and sign a form pledging to do so. HMRC then gives an extra 25%  to The Diocese. After a small administrative deduction (5%), almost the whole of the extra is passed on to the St Andrew's Chaplaincy UK account.

You give the Diocese


HMRC gives the Diocese


The Diocese gives St Andrew's


The Chaplaincy gets nearly  £120  more than it would have done if you put money in the plate and you have even helped the Diocesan effort to provide chaplaincies for people like ourselves throughout Europe.

Remember, whichever method is better for you, either is hugely better for the Chaplaincy than putting a note in a plate whenever you are in church.

FOR ST ANDREW'S BANK DETAILS (RIB) click here Pau RIB Current Account.doc