Archdeaconry synod 2018


Arch Deaconry of France and Monaco Annual Synod

St Jacut de la Mer, Brittany

18-21 April 2018

This annual gathering of Clergy and representatives from all the Church of England Churches in France and Monaco was the usual mix of varied worship, good Bible study, and speakers on current topics affecting the Church and our lives in France today.

Our daily Bible Study was entitled;

‘Citizens of Everywhere, Citizens of Nowhere, Citizens of God.’

Michael Sadgrove Dean Emeritus of Durham and noted theological author used as his text John 18:24-40 and 19:1-16.

Citizenship in relation to Power.

All power is from God, not recognising that leads to corruption of power. Recognising it leads to it’s proper use benefiting all, and truth.

Our main topics and speakers were:

‘Understanding religion in modern Europe from within and without’

Grace Davie, Professor Emeritus in Sociology of Religion at Exeter University and a Lay Cannon in our Diocese.

‘Strangers at the Gates’

Bishop Robert looked at the current challenges being faced over immigration and refugees.

‘Where are we going as a Diocese’

Bishop Robert gave an overview of the challenges being faced and how we will overcome them.

This was followed by the Interim Diocesan Secretary Michael Fegan looking at the Diocesan Financial Plan.

Details of the Synod and slides of presentations can be found on our Archdeaconry website

Please take a look.

John Errey